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How to Get Here

Loreto, B.C.S. Mexico; getting here...
Loreto is still a remote and sleepy village on the Sea of Cortez that just happens to have some of the best fishing to be found in the world. We are 700 miles south of the border on the only highway that passes through here, Mex 1, the transpeninsular highway. We are about two hours by jet from Los Angeles, CA. and now, Alaska Airlines is flying just on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday´s until February 07th and from February 08th until May 31st they will flight every day

Flying to Loreto:
The following airlines serve Loreto currently 

 Alaska Air Lines
Alaska Airlines is flying just on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday´s until February 07th and from February 08th until May 31st they will flight every day

Regional Air Lines
There are a few regional airline with service to various destinationa within Mexico. Generally service is daily and they fly small prop planes. Service varies as to direct flights and exact schedules but current local airlines are: Aereo Calafia to Cabo San Lucas,BCS and Los Mochis,SIN, and Aero Guerrero to Los Mochis,SIN, Ciudad Obregon,SON and La Paz, BCS, and Aeromexico Connect to La Paz, Ciudad Obregon and Hermosillo.

Airport Shuttle Transportation in Loreto:

- Ecobajatours Airport Shuttles
The wide range of service the carrier offers in Baja California Sur allows travelers to fly into one destination and leave from another, Aeromexico's multimodal partnership with Ecobaja Tours that offers swift and reliable ground transportation services statewide connecting the La Paz Airport arrivals to the shuttle hours to arrive to Loreto

Driving to Loreto:
Many people make the road trip down here. Mex 1, the transpeninsular highway, is the only road that spans the magnificent peninsula and the road trip is a trip in itself. Mex 1 is 1,060 miles long, crosses the border at Tijuana and goes all the way to lands end, Cabo San Lucas. "La carretera" as it is called by locals, goes over spectacular mountain terrain, passes oceanfront vistas and towns, harsh desert, dunes, lava flows, and farmland. As the terrain changes the indigenous plants of the area become more specialized and bizarre. These plants dominate and characterize the landscape and are worth a few roadside detours along whe way. The road will take you past every major town in the baja as it zig zags east and west three times. It was built for commercial purposes not tourism, but it is very tourist friendly. Roadside restaurants and taco stands serve up fresh local fare. Aside from Tijuana, Ensenada, La Paz, and the Los Cabos area, the towns are small.

From the US border US 5 and 805 in San Diego, CA. merge just north of the San Ysidro border crossing. This is the busiest border crossing in the world and it looks like it. It can also be a frustrating and long wait in haphazard "free for all" traffic during peak times. There's another less congested crossing at Otay Mesa to the east. US 905 takes you from the 5 and 805. Both of these crossings will bring you into Tijuana where you will continue south on Mex 1. Although the Otay crossing is easier, you will have to brave through Tijuana traffic to get to Mex 1. Be ready for some advensuresome driving!

Tecate is yet another option further east. At Tecate, the crossing will take you to Mex 3 which meets up with Mex 1 at Ensenada. This route will take you through one of the famous wine growing valleys in Baja California (Norte).
From Ensenada continue 640 miles on Mex 1 South to Loreto. Allow yourself at least a day and a half to get to Loreto from the border. This 700 mile drive takes approximately 16-18 hours on busy, two-lane winding mountainous roads. Take it easy and don't ever drive it at night. Enjoy the scenery!

Taking the bus to Loreto:
The bus trip to Loreto from the border is not as exciting as it sounds. One might imagine an old engine-worn bus full of locals carrying livestock and crying babies, but its quite the opposite. New Mercedes class busses with comfortable seats, professional staff and even movies, is what you'll experience. The bus is an easy, inexpensive and very effecient way to get here.

Get yourself to San Diego, CA. USA. The city of San Diego makes it very easy to get across the border as the airport, local trolley stop right at border entrance, Amtrack station near major trolly stop right near the Greyhound bus terminal. Take a Greyhound or a taxi from the border in Tijuana then to the central bus terminal. Enter the central bus terminal in Tijuana and you'll see folks from all over Mexico. Go to the ABC/Aguila bus company ticket counter and pay about $100 US dollars for your ticket to Loreto. The bus leaves every day at 12:00 and 18:00 and gets you to Loreto at about 05:30 and 12:00 the following day respectively. The scenery from the bus is spectacular but there is not much opportunity to enjoy it. The bus is designed to get you here efficiently and is not good for sightseeing. Northbound busses leave Loreto for Tijuana daily at 14:00 and 18:00 and get you to TJ at approximately 06:00 and 10:00 the following day respectively. TIP: if you get motion sickness you will want to take Dramamine at Ensenada on the southbound journey and in Loreto on the northbound journey.

Arrival by ship or ferry from the mainland:
There is scheduled ferry service between Santa Rosalia (3 hours drive on Mex. 1 North) and Topolobampo, Sonora each week on Baja Ferries. The one way trip takes approximately 6 hours. Baja Ferries also has scheduled ferry service between La Paz (5 hours drive on Mex. 1 South) and Los Mochis, Sonora (5 hours) and Mazatlan, Sinaloa (16 hours).
There are a few cruise lines that visit Loreto but only spend a day here. Cruise West Lines docks at Puerto Escondido on Mondays through mid March and anchors off Loreto on Wednesdays through mid March. Holland America's ship Ryndam visits in the winter and spring months on their Sea of Cortez cruises out of San Diego, CA. USA. and visits Loreto six times a year.